Fertility is a part of the female body and its functioning

You have the ability to significantly influence your fertility through natural methods like adopting a healthy lifestyle and taking care of your nutrition.

The most common cause of infertility in the female body is hormonal imbalance. Hormone levels not only affect fertilization itself but also the safe continuation of a pregnancy after fertilization.

I would be honoured to assist you in your fertility journey, taking into account your individual situation comprehensively and holistically. 


Comprehensive and personalized assistance

I approach fertility and its potential issues holistically, primarily working on lifestyle habits, stress management and reduction, recovery, nutrition, and, as needed, supplements. All of these combined have a tremendous impact on fertility and hormone balance. By employing these methods, we can address the underlying root causes of possible fertility issues rather than just treating symptoms. These natural methods can also be used to assist in fertility treatments such as IVF.

In addition to my qualifications as a reproductive health professional, I am also a Ph.D. in Pharmacy and can provide counselling on medications, although I do not prescribe medications. If necessary, I will guide you to a doctor or another healthcare professional.

Explore the options below or book a free 30-minute consultation where we can choose the most suitable approach for you.

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Woman, 48yo

My cycles have felt harmonious, and I am clearly happier. I didn't experience any PMS symptoms, breast tenderness, and my cycle was longer with a lighter flow, and there were no pains. It feels really good how thoroughly you delved into the matter. I am very happy to be part of this new approach to women's healthcare that you are providing.


I'm pregnant!! <3 A huge thank you to you! It still feels unbelievable how easily we identified the real cause of the problems! If only I had known this earlier, before all the treatments...

There are three options available for you:


1. Comprehensive hormone tests

Through me, you can purchase a comprehensive hormone test (Dutch test or HuMap test) that provides a highly comprehensive view of your body's hormonal status. These tests accurately measure levels and balance of female, male, and stress hormones, as well as many other important factors related to fertility. A comprehensive hormone test is an excellent way to start investigating the causes of infertility and maximizing fertility or ensuring a safe pregnancy from the beginning.

After the test, you will receive thorough guidance on how to balance your hormones and maximize your fertility. You can also continue with individual or group coaching sessions with me (see the section on Consultations and Coaching).

You can read more about the comprehensive hormone tests (Dutch test and HuMap test) HERE.


2. Consultations and Coaching

You can purchase individual fertility consultations or choose a longer coaching service focused on fertility and hormone balance.

Individual Fertility Consultations:

In these consultations, we address menstrual health and/or fertility issues and symptoms, and aim to maximize the possibility of a safe pregnancy. All this is approached with a comprehensive perspective. You can book an appointment directly through the scheduling system located HERE.

First session: 90 minutes, 127 EUR (online or in-person in Helsinki)

Follow-up session: 40 minutes, 70 EUR


Individual Coaching:

Through coaching, we can address your situation in a more profound and long-lasting way. Lifestyle changes are often most successful when you are being supported by a professional. For more information about coaching, please inquire through the contact form.

In our coaching sessions, we work with comprehensive health questionnaires, symptom assessments, discussions, lifestyle adjustments, nutrition, and physical exercises.


3. Fertility Awareness

You can participate in an individual or group course on fertility awareness, where fertility and reproductive health are assessed through precise observation of the menstrual cycle (based on a symptothermal method called Justisse). This method not only reliably identifies fertile days but also provides information about the health of the menstrual cycle, such as ovulation and hormone levels, which are relevant for pregnancy.

In the course, you will learn to use a tool that allows you to independently track and interpret your menstrual cycle, hormone levels, and fertility for the rest of your life. You can read more about fertility awareness HERE.



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