Fertility Awareness

Fertility awareness is my passion because it helps women to thrive!

Fertility Awareness education

I teach a symptothermal fertility awareness based method called the Justisse method. I offer individual teaching sessions also in English.

If you're unsure about the suitability of fertility awareness for you, you can book a free 30-minute consultation ("ilmainen konsultaatio") to discuss the applicability of the method to your situation.

You will learn with me in a supportive and empowering manner, ensuring your understanding and progress with confidence and efficiency.

I warmly welcome everyone with ovaries, regardless of gender or identity.

Lue lisƤƤ ja ilmoittaudu kurssille!

What is Fertility Awareness and Fertility Awareness Based Methods?

Fertility awareness, in short and simplified terms, refers to the identification of fertile days within the menstrual cycle using scientific biomarkers, which are indicators of the body's changes according to menstrual cycle.

Some use the term "fertility awareness" more loosely to describe a general awareness of the different phases of the menstrual cycle. The precise term for reliably identifying the fertile period through observing bodily signs is "fertility awareness based methods."

There are several methods based on fertility  awareness. They can be roughly divided into two: calculation-based methods and observation-based methods. There are several limitations of calendar-based methods, most importantly, that the next menstrual cycle may not follow the same pattern as the previous one, as factors such as nutrition, stress, exercise, and sleep can influence the menstrual cycle. This is why methods based on observing bodily signs are more reliable than calculation-based methods. Among the most reliable observational methods are the so-called symptothermal methods, which encompass both "symptoms" and basal body temperature. The symptothermal method involves scientifically documented bodily signs and tracking basal body temperature.

I teach a symptothermal fertility awareness-based method called the Justisse method. The Justisse method can be used for both contraception and planning for pregnancy to support conception and early pregnancy. It can also be used solely for monitoring menstrual health and addressing issues related to the menstrual cycle (such as PMS symptoms, premenopausal or menopausal symptoms, painful periods, atypical bleeding, etc.) Read below for more information on each application.

Symptothermal methods based on fertility awareness provide valuable information about overall body health. By tracking the menstrual cycle, individuals can learn to recognize and understand their own bodies better. Many women experience a sense of empowerment when they gain a deeper understanding of their cycle and themselves, and witness the alleviation or resolution of cycle-related issues as the underlying causes are addressed and treated.


"The method taught me to understand my own cycle and body much better. After gaining insights from the teachings of the method, I started to feel a sense of regret for not knowing about it earlier, especially in terms of reproductive health and overall well-being.

Niina was a wonderful instructor - clear, patient, and enthusiastic. She always ensures that her knowledge is up-to-date. It was amazing to learn so much about the functioning of my own body and to begin understanding what happens during different phases of my cycle and the messages my body sends me.

It's astonishing how little I knew about all of this before, considering the significant role of hormone activity in a woman's life. I wish I had known all of this earlier."



"I liked your style and enthusiastic attitude towards fertility awareness - I found it inspiring and it helped restore my confidence in myself as my own best expert.

Thank you for reinstating my trust in my own cycle and for sharing your knowledge!"


"It was a pleasure to learn fertility awareness from Niina, as her genuine interest and passion for the field shines through. She is truly invested in the individual and her eagerness to share knowledge is inspiring. It's wonderful to encounter people with whom you feel a sense of excitement - it's contagious!

Initially, I sought fertility awareness as an alternative to contraception, and now I can confidently rely on my ability to track my cycle and use the method for birth control. However, I gained so much more. I realized the wealth of information I can gather about my own health status, and actually monitoring my temperatures motivated me to take charge of my overall well-being. During this learning journey, I self-diagnosed (and confirmed with a doctor) an autoimmune condition that directly affects my hormone cycle. Now I have more tools than ever to understand the functioning of my body and take full control of my health. I can do nothing but highly recommend the symptothermal method to all women. Everyone should be acquainted with their own body and the changes that occur within it."


The Justisse method


The symptothermal fertility awareness-based Justisse method is completely natural and free from any harmful effects. You don't need expensive devices, just a suitable thermometer and some toilet paper!

The menstrual cycle is charted through daily observations based on scientifically proven biomarkers. These biomarkers allow for the reliable identification of fertile and non-fertile days within the cycle.

Since the observations are done daily, the method is also suitable for:

Irregular menstrual cycles

During breastfeeding

After childbirth

After discontinuing hormonal contraception

During perimenopause

In all these situations, precise observation of the menstrual cycle provides valuable information about the body's hormonal status.

The Justisse method allows for the observation of three biomarkers, but usually only two are necessary: cervical mucus and basal body temperature. The third one, cervical observations are typically not required but observing cervical mucus and basal body temperature is sufficient.

Cervical mucus is observed by following specific instructions and using toilet paper, while basal body temperature is measured in the armpit, mouth, or vagina.

Below is an example image of the Justisse method's "menstrual chart," recorded using the Read Your Body application.


NOTE: Hormonia customers receive a free 3-month trial of the Read Your Body application.


Cycle tracking can also be done using free applications or paper. Below is an example image of an empty paper chart.


The Justisse method can be used as a natural method of contraception without harmful side effects. Research suggests that when used correctly, it can be as reliable as the contraceptive pill. However, when using fertility awareness-based methods for contraception, strict adherence to the method's instructions and rules is essential.

The method is based on identifying fertile days using scientifically validated biomarkers.

Intercourse is avoided on fertile days. However, alternative forms of sexual activity can be pursued on fertile days, taking care to avoid contact between semen and cervical mucus in the vulvar area and nearby. It is also possible to use another form of contraception, such as a condom, on fertile days. In such cases, the effectiveness of the method is determined by the effectiveness of the condom, which is inherently lower than that of the symptothermal method for contraception.

Pregnancy Planning 

The symptothermal Justisse method, based on fertility awareness, is an excellent tool for planning a pregnancy. It allows for the accurate identification of fertile days using scientifically validated biomarkers, enabling couples to time intercourse when conception is most likely.

The method also provides valuable information about the overall health of the menstrual cycle, such as whether ovulation occurs, the timing of ovulation, the presence of adequate cervical mucus for fertilization, and the post-ovulation phase that supports the continuation of pregnancy. Additionally, the method provides insights into overall body health.

If daily tracking of the cycle feels overwhelming, a lighter approach can be taken to explore factors influencing fertility on a more general level.

Monitoring Reproductive Health

Tracking the menstrual cycle through fertility awareness provides valuable insights into reproductive health and overall body well-being.

Basal body temperature and cervical mucus levels give information on hormone levels and balance, ovulation, and the length of the post-ovulation phase. This way, fertility awareness helps to identify the causes of menstrual cycle problems such as PMS, spotting, menstrual pain etc.

The menstrual cycle can also provide information about overall body health, such as hormonal imbalances, nutrient deficiencies, inflammation, gastrointestinal and liver health, PCOS, endometriosis, and more.

A healthy menstrual cycle is essential not only for fertility but also for overall well-being.